Maung Toe Cherry Myay
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Maung Toe Cherry Myay
YinLiHoe's Details
Joined:Jan 5, 2009
By : YinLiHoe on Mar 31, 2010
Categories: Rock/Pop   
Views: 581
Score: 100    Rating: 5.00    Comments: 17
Duration: 05:07

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u4gyi on Apr 3, 2010 0

Ko YLH.. I Like this song so much.. so you sang this also Iliked 2.. Nice***** 4 you Bro....
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aungtun1 on Apr 2, 2010 0

brother ko yinlihoe lal maung toe cherry myay song ko, so hter tar par lar,,,,,,,, bro's vocal nat, d version lay nat a yann kaung tar pal bro yay,,,,,, love this song and your singing style bro,,,,,Nice taste of listening your song bro,,5********************
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turikimuriki on Apr 1, 2010 0

nice as usual par bro yae ko taung kyi chin lar tel ... arr pay narsin thwar par tel ... 5* 4 u :-)
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sumaylay on Apr 1, 2010 0

dar lal good tal bro yay...........d nae so twar tae tha chin twae htae mhar d tha chin akyite sone pal.........tha chin so tine amyal thay char lay so tat tae bro atwat always 5* par bro..............*****
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paradise on Apr 1, 2010 0

bro yay....that was perfect singing from you...really nice to listen....arr ma pay ya dar kyar pyi...nay ma kg pyit nay loh....
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hippo on Apr 1, 2010 0

great *****
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Taw_Thar_Lay on Apr 1, 2010 0

***** :-)
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achitsonethu on Apr 1, 2010 0******************:Clapzzzzzzzz~~!!
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kyalsinlinn on Apr 1, 2010 0

lann tal heyyy... yay lala mite tal byar........ shal ko arr pay twar pay tal byar...
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Rosies on Apr 1, 2010 0

arr pay par del shin 5*******************
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skywalker on Apr 1, 2010 0

နားဆင္လို ့ေကာင္းလိုက္တာ ..ဘရားသားေရ....ရင္ထဲ ေအးသြားတာပဲ ...
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mrcastle on Apr 1, 2010 0

one of my fav song of all time from U win oo ! I like the way u handle the song so neatly ! 5 stars bro!
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soramoe on Apr 1, 2010 0

arr pay chin loon lo naut ta khaut logged in win lar tar bar - ******************************
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joeyouke on Apr 1, 2010 0

bro yae...a yan kg par tal..a than aye aye lay ne' de song lay choose tar mhan par tal.....5***** for bro yinlihoe......
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seven on Apr 1, 2010 0

~~Bro twar tar kg like tar....**************!!~~..
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susannyunn on Apr 1, 2010 0

a yan ko nit tat te song lay ta poat par.. maung tot cherri myay yelz movie zat win khan lay ko pan p myin yaung lar say te a hti a sho pai hla te.. ko soe pai g ... d lo ma popz.. mar mar g sho parrrrrrrrr..arr pay kyinn loon lozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....bravoooooooooooo..:clap :clap :clap...milllion starzzzzzzzzzzzzz..>>>>
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maung309 on Apr 1, 2010 0

very nice par... *****4U
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