Minn Lay Nar Lel
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Minn Lay Nar Lel
YinLiHoe's Details
Joined:Jan 5, 2009
By : YinLiHoe on Jan 4, 2010
Categories: Rock/Pop   
Views: 1264
Score: 80    Rating: 5.00    Comments: 21
Duration: 05:42

Minn Lay Nar Lel's Description

This is one of my favorite songs. I uploaded this song here. Ma Moe said she also uploaded this song too. Whatever Ma Moe, you would satisfy to listen this song. I tried my best for my SFY brothers and sisters. Thank you everybody.... 
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susannyunn on Jan 4, 2010 0

htoo el soe pai.....:)))) dar lay lelz new taste lay popz naw.. listen loz ta mo lay kg nay pan yaw.....arr pay nar sin thwar par kyaung keep ur work up.....ko soe pai g.......:clap ;clap :clap...>>>>>
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seven on Jan 4, 2010 0

~~Wow..Bro...Really Nice One....Perfect Singing...!!!!! ****************************!!~~.
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forevermoe on Jan 4, 2010 0

bro ggg...mite tal ..ta kal mite tal ..d song lay nae ayan good upload lote tae song ka ..d unplugged hote buu ..:D i know bro g nae like tal ...:clap:clap:clap ..thank u soo muchh par bro arr pay twer par tal shinttt..************************for my bro ggg..( min lay nar lal par say norr..)
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yellownavy on Jan 4, 2010 0

Ko LiHoe, with this great style of singing, your message will be well conveyed... :D Great Job! 5*
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chan2008 on Jan 4, 2010 0

yo U lay... Bel thu ko narr lel khain tar lel??? what if she's white... would she understand Burmese... you might need translator... huh? :D sa tar sa tar.... kg pa kg byo!!!
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brownlay on Jan 4, 2010 0

wow wow wonderful bro YLH yay ********!
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thant on Jan 4, 2010 0 htar tar kg hla chi lar bro yay........d song lay khu mha bal kyarr buu tal......bro so htar tar taw taw ko kg loon tal.......takal....takal...*********
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achitsonethu on Jan 4, 2010 0

wow be thu ko nar lae kine ya mar lae :DD so twar tar shal pae jar ayan nar htaung kg ei
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pp01 on Jan 4, 2010 0

Tu lay ka understood par Ko Yin yal::D Kg lwon pyan pyi de ta khar lae:D*****
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panshwe on Jan 4, 2010 0

that's what sfy's about right? brotherhood, sisterhood.. :) .. really glad to be a member here. arr pay twar tae bro.. so nice pae.. min lay ka nar lae mhar par.. ********************
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paradise on Jan 4, 2010 0

bro gyi yay.....bal thu pe' upload lote lote....arr lone song chit kya thu twe so doc....kyay zuu lal tin tal....upload ma lote naing te' thu twe lal shi dal lay......example : paradise doc lo lu myo twar tar a yan nar htuang loh kg par dal *******arr pay twar par byi...
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sumaylay on Jan 4, 2010 0

Wowwwwwwwwww ko tine upload tin p so htar tar ko........ayan ko kg tal bro yay.........nout lal d lo tha chin lay twae so par ohn............tha chin tine ko so ng tae bro atwat always 5* par shin.......*****
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punttatkaya on Jan 4, 2010 0

nar lel twr pae pe bro G htar tar really good ....atb
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zinko on Jan 4, 2010 0

arr pay thwar tal naw a ko , kg tal byar so thwar tar *****
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wadanar on Jan 4, 2010 0

Start to end your singing is very good byar..Nice!!!
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hazel87 on Jan 4, 2010 0

ta kal ko good tal, >5**** ...cheers!
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thuyeekg on Jan 4, 2010 0

အားေပးသြားပါတယ္ အဆံုးထိနားေထာင္သြားတယ္။
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sithunaung on Jan 4, 2010 0

good tal brother yayy,a sa a sone ner sin twer pr tal, 5****
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khaki on Jan 4, 2010 0

bro yay KAHKI arr payy torr tal naw...mike tal byarr...KHAKI lal a dee ta chin ko so mal ...... OK yae lar....bro ko arrr kya lop
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nanwarwarmg on Jan 4, 2010 0

nice singing!! nice song par KoYLH yae. 5 stars for u.
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YinLiHoe on Jan 4, 2010 0

Thank you very much Bar Nan Yay.. Thank you Bar...
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