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naythitt on Jul 9, 2010

not so bad.u can sing nicely
laathakhin on Jan 27, 2010

really really nice when i heard your songs.
skywalker on Jan 19, 2010

"အထီးက်န္ " ဆိုထားတာအၾကိဳက္ဆံုး..
yellownavy on Oct 16, 2009

Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, I just signed up today and recorded 'maung' as a trial. It tuned out not badly and decided to publish it.
pikachulay on Sep 13, 2009

lar lal par tal naw,,song lay tway so htar tar lae yan kg par tal,,sat so naw arr pay nay tal naw,,,,,,,,,,,,,
achitsonethu on Sep 4, 2009

thx nor ako nout le arr pay par nor ako song tway lae ar pay nay par tal nor vc lay lae kg par tal nor
maureen on Sep 3, 2009

လာလည္သြားတယ္အစ္ကိုေရ.. သီခ်င္းေတြက ဆုိထားတာေကာင္းလို႕နားေထာင္အားေပးသြားပါတယ္... အားေပးလ်က္ေနာ္...
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